Charlotte Voncken

(14 oktober 1981)

Charlotte Voncken

“Remember Who We Really Are”


Charlotte Voncken (1981) is an artist working in Maastricht. She studied painting at the Academy of Antwerp but now she focuses more on her ink sketches.
Given the current developments on our planet, Charlotte has asked herself whether she is making a contribution to a better world with her art. ‘Does it still make sense to create art in order to make a difference?’

The artist:

‘Remembering who you really are makes you an independent, free and powerful person who acts from the heart and can distinguish love from fear. Reminding people who they really are, thus contributes to a more beautiful, loving world.
In what sense are people reminded of who they are, with my drawings and paintings inspired by the feminine?

Feminism is the path to humanism. It is the way back to the natural creation of which we all have arisen.
In order to protect Mother Earth and therefore all life including ourselves, we must appreciate the feminine qualities again. Sensitivity, intuition, care, responsibility, capacity, unity, vulnerability, love … they have become rarities in this artificial, degenerated outside world.

I love to draw and paint women that show their strength. For me it is impossible to disconnect them from source.
Expressing her sexuality has become part of my social activism, as an opposition to the objectification of her body in western culture.’

Due to this view, the female figures of the artist have recently become more minimalistic. More often she uses only a few lines to create the figure. The body does not need much to be seen, it has already found its strength from within.