Charlotte Voncken

The Netherlands, 1981

Charlotte Voncken

Charlotte Voncken is currently working in Maastricht. She studied painting at the Royal Academy of Antwerp but nowadays her work is mainly about drawing the female body.


‘It is my passion to honor the beauty and sensuality of the feminine. I liberate her sexuality by expressing her immortal strength in my sensual ink drawings.
In my artistry, I want to express vulnerability as a strength, not as a weakness.

Sexuality is a powerful source of creation. The divine is full of sexual power. It is madness how some cultures on this planet have approached this sexual energy which is actually about connection, healing, oneness, freedom, love….
It has always been my mission to heal this global wound, and my sketches are a contribution to help us remind our true nature, our connection to this source.
Make love, not porn!’